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Real Estate Law

The attorneys at Ferr & Mullin are equipped to handle all types of real estate transactions, from residential purchases and sales, to mortgage-lender representation, to complex commercial transactions.

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Residential Real Estate

Whether you are purchasing your first home, selling the family home to downsize, or buying a second home or investment property, the attorneys at Ferr & Mullin will guide you through the process.


Having an experienced real estate attorney is crucial when you buy property. From the moment you find the property you want, until the day you close and take ownership, our attorneys will be by your side. We will ensure your contract is complete and correct; if you are working with a realtor, we will work closely with him or her. Once the contract is complete, we will carefully review all documents, including the ownership history of the property, to make sure you receive a clean title to the property. Prior to closing, we will work with the attorneys for the seller and lender to make sure you pay only what you are required to. At closing, we will explain all the charges to you and make sure you understand exactly how much you are paying and what you are receiving. If you are getting a loan for your purchase, we will review all the loan documents with you to make sure you understand your rights and obligations. If you are using funds from a sale to make your purchase, we will coordinate with all parties to make those funds available.


Whether you are a seasoned real estate investor or selling your first home, you will be involved in a large financial transaction. As with a purchase, our attorneys will ensure that your contract is complete and correct. We will then prepare all documents necessary for the sale and work closely with the buyer’s attorney to provide all required documents. Prior to closing, we will calculate all charges and make sure you pay only what you should and receive all credits that you are due. We will meet with you prior to closing so you can sign the deed and related documents, and we will attend closing on your behalf. After closing, we will ensure that all charges are paid, including your current mortgage-loan if you have one, and make your funds available as soon as possible. If you are relying on your sale funds for a purchase, we will work with all parties to make those funds available for your purchase.

Client Testimonials


"Bob Mullin was exceptional to work with as a lawyer to close on our property. Every step of the way, we were informed and prepared. Bob and his firm also took care of the abstract, and all related tasks. It was a seamless process. We closed on time, without any difficulties. Without hesitation, I would use and recommend Bob Mullin as an attorney."

- Jennifer and Chris


"The process of buying a house can be extremely stressful and confusing especially if it's your first. Bob was able to assist me in a timely and professional manner during the length of this process. He provided precise knowledge and resources, operated in a timely manner, and was very helpful until the day I closed. After, he checked in to make sure I was all set, and if there was anything else I needed. The care for detail and his genuine demeanor made this first home owning experience that much better. I highly recommend Bob to anyone looking for legal services. Thanks, Bob!"

- Julie


Lender Representation

Most people get a mortgage-loan when they purchase real estate. The lender is represented by an attorney, as are the buyer and seller. In residential real estate transactions, the same attorney often represents both the buyer and lender. Not all attorneys are authorized to represent lenders because it requires a specific set of skills as well as significant insurance coverage. Ferr & Mullin proudly represents a long list of lenders, both regional and national. We have invested substantial sums in the specialized software and heightened insurance required by most lenders. Ferr & Mullin routinely handles hundreds of closings per year and millions of dollars each month in loan funds.

If you are buying property and getting a loan, it is more efficient for you if we also represent the lender, because it reduces duplicative work and reduces the number of law firms involves, which streamlines communication and makes it easier to schedule your closing. If you are a mortgage broker or loan officer, we welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can assist you in closing loans quickly and efficiently. We regularly close loans in all New York counties.

Commercial Real Estate

The attorneys at Ferr & Mullin have over 20 years of experience in the acquisition, divestiture and financing of commercial properties, from Letter of Intent through closing. We also have broad experience drafting and negotiating commercial leases, including ground, industrial, office and retail leases on behalf of both tenants and landlords.

Our attorneys have also assisted developers with site selection, site acquisition, and zoning and development approvals, and have negotiated architectural and construction contracts, as well as both construction and long-term financing documents. We have experience conducting IDA deals and 1031 transactions, have assisted in eminent domain litigation, and have both prosecuted and defended adverse possession claims.

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